Dry Lining

Dry lining systems can simply provide a finish to masonry, but can also be designed to contribute to the thermal, acoustic, and fire resistant properties of virtually any type of wall construction. They can also conceal services in the cavity between lining and wall.

drewmore interiors
can supply and install the complete range of Dry lining systems including;

Direct Bond
Adhesive based systems utilising all types of wallboard and  thermal laminates.

Metal Frame
Using metal components either fixed to or independant of the existing structure, clad with a huge selection of building boards. Insulation can be incorporated behind the board or in the cavity.

Wall boards can be finished with plaster or taped joints ready to receive decoration.

Wall Panels
Installed on a concealed or exposed framework, wall panels are available in a wide range of factory finishes with either high impact or sound absorbent properties.


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